Latitude 64 Grand Orbit Rive Silver Lätt









215,00 DKK

Experience disc golf dominance with RIVE, the ultimate distance driver designed for top-level players. Boasting superior speed, excellent glide, and a reliably overstable flight, the Rive delivers unparalleled performance on the course. Ideal for advanced players, it excels in handling lower winds while providing the distance needed for precision throws. Trusted by Silver Lätt as his go-to distance driver for both sidearms and backhands, the Rive is a crusher that elevates your game to new heights.



The Rive is a formidable distance driver crafted to meet the demands of top-tier players. Engineered for superior speed, exceptional glide, and a consistently overstable flight, the Rive stands out as the go-to choice for those seeking peak performance on the course.

The Rive’s design is a careful balance of key elements that make it a crusher in the hands of top disc golfers. Its superior speed allows players to achieve impressive distances, while the excellent glide ensures a smooth and controlled flight through the air. The predictable overstable flight of the Rive adds an extra layer of confidence, making it a valuable asset in various playing conditions.

Silver Lätt, an advanced player himself, attests to the Rive’s versatility and performance. He believes that the Rive is a disc any advanced player can benefit from, highlighting its stability against lower winds and its glidy nature that contributes to achieving the desired distance. According to Silver Lätt, the Rive has become his go-to distance driver for both sidearms and backhands, further emphasizing its reliability and adaptability on the disc golf course.

Whether you’re facing headwinds or tailwinds, the Rive remains a consistent and powerful choice for players who demand precision and distance in their throws. Its reliable overstable flight ensures a predictable finish, making it an excellent tool for shaping lines and conquering challenging courses.