Latitude 64 Opto Compass









140,00 DKK

Navigate your way on the fairway with this midrange from Latitude 64º. This straight flyer will go wherever you want. It holds any line in the most predictable way. Not thin, not deep so this disc will fit in any hand.



The Compass has been developed together with world class player Ricky Wysocki from Team Latitude 64º. What was your goal when developing the Compass? – Our goal was to have a midrange with a very neutral flight so I could trust throwing it on every angle: Hyzer, Straight and Anhyzer. The end result is great. It will fly on any angle you put it on so for me it will make me feel much more confident on the disc golf course, says Wysocki.

How does it fly? – The Compass can and will fly however you want it to. It has very neutral flight characteristics and this makes it a very versatile disc . In what situations will you use the Compass? – I will be throwing my Compass on almost all of my midrange shots and it is the type of midrange that you can torque on and it will still fly straight without turning over too much or hyering out too much either. How is the grip of it? – The grip fits great in my hand its just the right diameter not to big and not to small so it feels and fits comfortably in the hand, says Wysocki.