Latitude 64 Opto Ice Beetle

140,00 DKK

Latitude 64 introduces the Opto Ice Beetle, a revolutionary disc with the nostalgic shape of an old-school flying disc. Ideal for upshots on a modern disc golf course or casual throw-and-catch games off the course, the Beetle offers fantastic glide and unlocks incredible short game trick shots. Elevate your overall technique with daily practice sessions featuring this versatile and innovative disc.



Latitude 64 proudly presents the Opto Ice Beetle, a disc that breaks the conventional mold and introduces a new era of versatility to your disc golf game. With a distinctive shape reminiscent of classic flying discs, the Beetle stands out as a unique addition to our disc lineup. Its functionality extends beyond the disc golf course, seamlessly transitioning into a throw-and-catch disc for casual games and leisure activities.

As an upshot disc on a modern disc golf course, the Opto Ice Beetle delivers precision and control for crucial close-range shots. The nostalgic design brings a touch of old-school charm while the disc’s modern features ensure optimal performance on the fairway. The fantastic glide of the Beetle enhances your short game, allowing you to execute remarkable trick shots with ease.

The Opto Ice Beetle invites players to explore creativity in their disc golf endeavors. Whether you’re navigating obstacles, curving around trees, or attempting precision throws, this disc opens up a realm of possibilities for imaginative shot-making. It becomes a canvas for players to express their style and flair in every throw.

Incorporate the Opto Ice Beetle into your daily practice sessions to enhance your overall technique. Its unique characteristics make it an excellent tool for refining your approach, ensuring precision in short-range throws, and building confidence in your game. This versatile disc is more than just a tool; it’s an invitation to explore and elevate your disc golf experience.