Latitude 64 Opto Pioneer









140,00 DKK

Experience unparalleled reliability and consistency from tee to goal with our Pioneer disc golf driver. This overstable fairway driver is created to handle even the most challenging conditions. With its flat-top design, Pioneer is an ideal choice for sidearm throws. The impressive combination of speed and a strong fade makes it versatile and indispensable in any disc golf bag. Whether the wind is blowing strongly or the terrain is demanding, you can rely on Pioneer for precise throws every time. Choose the Opto plastic variant for durability beyond the ordinary, designed to withstand extreme conditions and punishment. Available in a range of beautiful translucent colors, your Pioneer disc golf driver may also feature a subtle sparkle of dots for extra flair.

A fantastic alternative for Pioneer might be Captains Raptor from american Discraft



When you stand on the tee and feel the wind against your face, having confidence in your equipment is crucial. Our Pioneer disc golf driver is crafted with reliability and consistency in mind, delivering performances that meet the demands of both beginners and seasoned players alike. This overstable fairway driver is designed to tackle challenging conditions, ensuring you can deliver powerful and accurate throws every time.

The Pioneer has a flat top, making it ideal for sidearm throws, and its impressive speed combined with a strong fade makes it a versatile addition to any disc golf bag. Whether you’re playing in strong winds or on technical terrain, you can trust the Pioneer to handle the situation with ease.

The Opto plastic variant of the Pioneer is made from some of the world’s most durable materials. It is created to withstand severe impact and extreme weather conditions better than other types of plastic. This makes the Pioneer the perfect choice for those who demand robustness and reliability in their equipment. The beautiful translucent design is available in various colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal preference. Sometimes, discs in this plastic may even feature a subtle sparkle of sparkling dots, adding extra flair to your disc golf experience.