Latitude 64 Retro Burst Saint









85,00 DKK

Saint is a highly acclaimed control driver, praised by both amateurs and pros alike. It delivers impressive distance and perfect precision, making it suitable for players of all levels. Capable of achieving precise throws up to 350 ft, Saint is a reliable and versatile disc golf driver. Its remarkable glide ensures a stable and predictable flight.

Saint Pro, the slightly more stable big brother to Saint, offers extra reliability and control during throws. Both discs feature a comfortable grip and are beginner-friendly due to their forgiving flight characteristics. This plastic blend, known as Retro, is particularly well-suited as your first disc. At the same time, it’s our most budget-friendly plastic, addressing the long-standing need for discs that break in more easily.

Burst discs in Retro plastic present unique color combinations and patterns on each individual disc. Each disc is unique, and the variations in color and pattern add character and individuality. In short, Saint and Saint Pro are the perfect choices for players seeking reliability, control, and affordable prices.



Saint is not just a disc golf driver; it’s a step into a world of reliability, control, and precision. Both new and experienced players have recognized Saint as one of the best control drivers on the market. What sets Saint apart is its ability to deliver impressive distance and perfect precision, making it the preferred choice for those aiming for high performance on the disc golf course.

With a capacity to handle throws up to 350 ft, Saint quickly becomes a favorite among players seeking reliability and versatility in their game. This control driver combines distance and accuracy in a way that makes it suitable for various play styles and skill levels. Saint is your loyal companion, navigating through the air with impressive glide and stability.

For those desiring extra stability, Saint Pro introduces itself as Saint’s big brother. Saint Pro offers the same reliability but with a bit more stability during the throw. This makes Saint Pro suitable for players wanting extra control and precision, especially in varying weather conditions.

Both Saint and Saint Pro feature a comfortable grip surface, making them easy to handle for players of all skill levels. Their forgiving flight characteristics make them particularly suitable for beginners looking to improve their game. And this is where the Retro plastic blend comes into play.

The Retro plastic blend is not only affordable but also designed with a focus on making discs easier to break in. After extensive testing, we’ve developed this unique plastic blend, named Retro. The colors on Burst discs vary from disc to disc, adding an extra dimension of individuality to your disc golf experience.

Saint and Saint Pro in Retro plastic are not just tools on the disc golf course; they are an invitation to explore your own playing style and develop your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these discs will meet your needs for reliability, control, and affordability.