Latitude 64 Retro Pure









70,00 DKK

Pure is an innovative disc golf disc designed for precise approach shots. With a comfortable grip and a slightly deeper rim than Spike, Pure ensures it holds the line you give it on your approach shots. Pure is the second disc co-designed by Jesper Lundmark. It has a speed of 3, glide of 3, no turn, and a slight fade of 1. Made with Retro plastic, which pays homage to the nostalgic days of understable discs and endless games in the midnight sun, Pure is a reliable companion for any disc golf enthusiast.



Pure is a groundbreaking disc golf disc designed to deliver precise approach shots and curve control on the disc golf course. Featuring an ergonomic grip and a slightly deeper rim compared to Spike, another popular disc from the same designer, Pure offers a comfortable hand feel and exceptional control over your throws. The slightly deeper rim provides extra stability, ensuring Pure holds the desired line on your approach shots.

This disc is the second co-designed by Jesper Lundmark and is the result of meticulous research and development to create the perfect tool for approach shots. With a speed of 3, glide of 3, no turn, and a slight fade of 1, Pure offers a predictable flight path, instilling confidence in your throws.

The Retro plastic used to manufacture Pure pays tribute to the early days of disc golf when translucent discs were yet to be invented, and all discs were understable compared to today’s standards. This plastic blend was developed with a special emphasis on replicating the feel of worn-in discs that disc golfers often prefer. Retro plastic provides a soft and comfortable feel while offering the necessary durability and stability.

Whether you’re an experienced player seeking accuracy on your approach shots or a beginner looking for a reliable disc to learn the game, Pure will meet your expectations. With its unique design and dependable performance, Pure is an essential addition to any disc golfer’s bag.