Latitude 64 Royal Grand Orbit Glory









195,00 DKK

Latitude 64 Grand Orbit Glory is the dependable fairway driver that will make everyone strive for glory. The delicate combination of reliable stability and predictable glide is what makes Glory special, and the small dome makes it an excellent choice for both backhand and forehand shots. Glory is designed for the experienced player, but players with slower arm speed will definitely enjoy the overstability on windy days.



Latitude 64 Grand Orbit Glory is a fairway driver that will impress players of all levels with its reliability and versatility. This disc is created to deliver glory on the disc golf course and has some unique qualities that make it a valuable addition to any disc golfer’s bag.

One of the remarkable features of Glory is its perfect balance of stability and glide. This makes it a versatile disc capable of handling different throwing techniques and situations on the course. Whether you prefer backhand or forehand throws, Glory will deliver consistent results thanks to its versatile design.

The small dome on Glory also contributes to its performance. This design element provides the disc with a comfortable feel in the hand and makes it easy to control. Regardless of whether you have large or small hands, Glory will feel comfortable and secure.

Glory is specifically aimed at more experienced players who want a disc that can handle challenging conditions. Its overstability makes it the ideal choice on windy days when you need precision and control. It will help you avoid unwanted curves and improve your performance on the course.

In summary, Latitude 64 Grand Orbit Glory is a disc that delivers glory to your disc golf experiences. Whether you are an experienced player looking for a reliable fairway driver or a player wanting to take your game to the next level, Glory will impress you with its stability, glide, and versatility.