Latitude 64 Royal Grand Orbit Grace Kristin Tattar 2024









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2024-04-18 15:00
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Kristin Tattar team series 2024. Grace embodies the essence of smooth distance. It possesses the control of a fairway driver and the distance of a high-speed driver. Combined with a neutral flight and exceptional glide, Grace stands as a versatile distance driver catering to the needs of all disc golf enthusiasts. Craft your throws with Grace! Royal Grand, our premium plastic blend, ensures durability and superior grip, unaffected by external conditions. Its soft feel, complemented by a rigid rim part, offers optimal flexibility. Additionally, Latitude 64°’s Royal Line elevates disc golf quality with innovative NexEdge and NexFeel technologies. Say goodbye to sharp flashing; NexEdge provides a smooth feel to the rim’s bottom and outer parts, while NexFeel enhances grip and feel across the entire disc surface. Seeking the best? Royal discs are tailored for you. Orbit introduces a captivating two-color process, unveiling a myriad of unique color combinations within each disc.



Kristin Tattar Team Series 2024. Grace isn’t just another disc on the shelf; it epitomizes the fusion of control and distance akin to a fairway driver and high-speed driver. This amalgamation of attributes renders Grace the ultimate choice for any disc golf aficionado aiming for seamless distance and precision in their throws. The unique blend of a neutral flight and outstanding glide makes Grace a versatile distance driver adaptable to various game scenarios and player styles.

Crafted from Royal Grand plastic, Grace bears testament to Latitude 64°’s commitment to delivering high-quality products. This premium plastic amalgamates outstanding grip with durability that withstands even the most adverse weather conditions. The soft feel of the plastic is complemented by a rigid rim part, providing the perfect balance between control and flexibility.

Latitude 64°’s Royal Line introduces groundbreaking technologies like NexEdge and NexFeel, raising the standard for disc golf discs to new heights. With the NexEdge process, sharp edges are eliminated, resulting in a pleasant feel and a smooth surface on the disc. This translates to a more controlled and predictable flight. Simultaneously, the NexFeel polishing technology enhances grip and feel across the entire disc, giving players improved control and confidence in their throws.

For those seeking the pinnacle of disc golf equipment, Royal discs are the obvious choice. Crafted with care and precision to meet the needs of even the most demanding players, these discs are a testament to excellence. Orbit, with its spectacular two-color process, adds an extra touch of individuality to each disc. Every Orbit is unique, with different color variations and patterns, making them a favorite among collectors and competitive players alike.