Latitude 64 Zero Medium Orbit Pure Kristin Tattar 2024









175,00 DKK

2024-04-18 15:00
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The Pure stands as a modern classic in the realm of putt and approach discs. Co-designed with Jesper Lundmark, it boasts a comfortable grip and a medium-depth rim, offering minimal fade for an exceptional putting experience. Whether you aim left, straight, or right, the Pure maintains any desired line on your approach shots, elevating your performance around the basket. Crafted from Zero Line, a grippy putter plastic selected for its superior grip and feel, this disc comes in three stiffness levels—Soft, Medium, and Hard—ensuring you find the perfect match for your playing style. Experience Orbit, our innovative two-color process, which introduces a myriad of unique color combinations, ensuring no two discs are alike.




The Pure represents a paradigm shift in the world of putt and approach discs, co-designed in collaboration with the esteemed disc golf player, Jesper Lundmark. Engineered with a focus on both comfort and performance, the Pure promises to deliver the ultimate putting experience on the course. Its medium-depth rim and minimal fade characteristics enable precise control over every throwing line, whether you require a left-turning, straight, or right-turning shot. This consistency makes the Pure an invaluable asset for players of all skill levels seeking to improve their scores around the basket.

Zero Line, the grippy putter plastic utilized in crafting the Pure, has been meticulously chosen for its exceptional grip and tactile feedback. This ensures that players can achieve maximum control and accuracy when executing putts and approach shots. Available in three distinct stiffness levels—Soft, Medium, and Hard—the Pure allows players to tailor their selection to their individual preferences and playing style.

The groundbreaking Orbit two-color process employed in the production of the Pure introduces a visual dimension like no other. Each disc is a unique work of art, featuring a variety of captivating color combinations and patterns. This makes every Pure a collector’s item and a visual delight on the disc golf course.

Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer or a novice, the Pure is poised to elevate your putt and approach game to new heights. With its superior design, exceptional grip, and versatility, the Pure is an essential addition to any disc golfer’s arsenal.