Latitude Gold Orbit Saint Pro Kristin Tattar 2024









195,00 DKK

2024-04-18 15:00
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Saint Pro is the older sibling of the Saint, offering added stability tailored for more seasoned players. Despite its increased overstability, it retains the excellent glide and controllable flight characteristics of the regular Saint. A must-have for players with robust arm speed, this fairway driver delivers exceptional performance. Crafted from our premium blend plastic, Gold Line, it combines the renowned durability of Opto Line with enhanced grip, courtesy of an added polymer. Featuring our striking two-color Orbit design, each disc boasts a unique blend of hues, ensuring no two are alike.



Saint Pro is engineered to meet the demands of experienced disc golf players seeking enhanced stability. As an extension of the popular Saint, this fairway driver offers additional stability, making it an ideal choice for players with powerful arm speed who require greater control over their throws. Despite its heightened overstability, Saint Pro maintains the exceptional glide and maneuverability that players have come to expect from the standard Saint.

What sets Saint Pro apart is its construction from Gold Line plastic. This premium blend material blends the durability of Opto Line with an improved grip, thanks to the inclusion of a special polymer. This combination results in superior control without sacrificing longevity, making Saint Pro a reliable choice for players seeking both stability and longevity in their disc.

Additionally, Saint Pro features our eye-catching Orbit design. Utilizing a unique two-color process, Orbit creates mesmerizing patterns and color combinations on each disc, ensuring that every piece is distinct. Not only does this aesthetic enhancement make each disc a work of art, but it also assists players in easily distinguishing their disc on the course.

Whether you’re a seasoned disc golf player looking to elevate your game or an enthusiast aiming to enhance your skills, Saint Pro is the perfect choice. With its dependable stability, excellent glide, and durability, it’s a fairway driver that can elevate your performance to new heights.