Latitude Royal Grand Orbit Trust Albert Tamm 2024









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2024-04-18 15:00
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Introducing the Albert Tamm Team Series 2024, Trust – the essential midrange disc that embodies the cornerstone of disc golf: trust. Trust is not just a disc; it’s your reliable partner on the course, steadfast and faithful in every situation. When thrown with power, Trust exhibits stability and precision, acting as a reliable straight-shooter. Its dependable gliding fade on slower shots allows for precise control and maneuvering. With a beadless smooth rim, Trust excels in both backhand and forehand throws. Crafted from our durable premium plastic, Royal Grand, Trust is engineered to withstand even the most demanding conditions. Royal Grand offers exceptional grip and a comfortable feel with its soft surface and rigid, flexible rim. This combination instills confidence in every throw, ensuring your performance remains at its peak.



The Albert Tamm Team Series 2024 presents Trust, an indispensable all-round midrange disc that symbolizes the essence of disc golf – trust. Trust isn’t just a disc; it’s your companion on the course, dependable and steadfast through every twist and turn. When you unleash Trust with power, you’ll experience its stability and precision, making it a reliable straight shooter. On slower throws, Trust gracefully transitions into a gliding fade, allowing for precise control and predictable flight paths. Its beadless smooth rim design makes Trust versatile and effective for both backhand and forehand throws, ensuring consistency in your game.

Crafted from our resilient premium plastic, Royal Grand, Trust is engineered to endure the rigors of the game. Royal Grand not only offers exceptional grip but also provides a comfortable feel with its soft surface and rigid, flexible rim. This combination of durability and comfort instills confidence in every throw, allowing you to focus on your game without hesitation.

Latitude 64° Royal Line is renowned for pushing the boundaries of disc golf quality, and Trust is no exception. With the innovative NexEdge and NexFeel technologies, we set new standards for handling and comfort. NexEdge eliminates sharp flashing, providing a smooth feel along the edge and outer parts of the disc, enhancing grip and control. NexFeel polishing technology further improves the grip and feel of the entire disc surface, giving you ultimate control and confidence in every throw.

Royal discs are designed for those who demand the best. With Orbit, our spectacular two-color process, we unlock a world of unique color combinations, ensuring that no two discs are alike. Whether it’s your first Trust or your fifth, each Orbit design celebrates individuality and style.