Løft Hydrogen Mini Marker Markør

45,00 DKK

lækker mini markør fra Danske Løft



A Hydrogen mini with logo engraving. Even flies straight if you throw it!

Løft Discs:

Løft Discs was founded in the summer of 2020 after founders Niels and Asger had developed the first 3D flight path simulator for disc golf based on 3D-models as a part of Niels’ final thesis as a mechanical engineer. Joining forces with IT product development Ph.d. and long-time friend Kasper, Løft Discs was born. By combining science and creativity, we want to push boundaries, make real innovation in disc design and bring a better understanding of disc golf physics into the sport – ultimately striving to empower players to achieve better results out on the courses.


Hydrogen is the first disc from Løft Discs. Designed to be the straightest flying putter on the market, it raised more than €200,000 on Kickstarter for it’s first release.