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Introducing the Photon, debuting as the undisputed leader on the list of “nerdiest names.” Despite the name, this model is no joke. With a diameter of 21mm rim, belonging to the Distance Driver class, this disc golf disc has entered the scene with a feverish demand for high-speed GYRO® distance drivers. For powerful throwers, the Photon finds a highly usable stability sweet spot. With enough power or adept wind handling, the Photon can execute a beautiful flight-extending shallow turnover. Typically utilized for high-power straight shots with a concluding fade.



Photon is far more than just a curious name – it’s a distance driver that has revolutionized the world of disc golf. With an impressive 21mm rim diameter, this disc falls into the exclusive Distance Driver class and is designed to meet the growing demand for high-speed GYRO® distance drivers. What sets the Photon apart is its ability to deliver impressive stability, making it ideal for experienced throwers seeking precision and control in their throws.

When thrown with sufficient power or by adeptly managing the wind, the Photon provides a stunning, gentle turnover that extends the flight and offers an impressive range. This makes the Photon perfect for players seeking versatility in their disc golf arsenal. It can also be used for powerful, straight shots with a beautiful concluding fade, making it a reliable all-rounder for seasoned enthusiasts.

The advanced design of the Photon is not limited to its technical features alone. The aerodynamic shape and innovative construction make this disc golf disc a work of art in itself. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure optimal performance and reliability on the course. Throw with confidence when you have a Photon in hand and feel the difference as you strive to enhance your distance throws and achieve outstanding precision.


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