MVP Neutron Octane









175,00 DKK

The impressive Octane disc golf driver is designed to meet the demanding requirements of high speed and a wide edge. When given sufficient power, its distinctive dome truly shines by providing outstanding glide and covering extremely long distances. Powerful throwers will be able to hyzerflip the Octane for maximum distance, while average throwers may only experience a slight turn. This power-responsive nature allows the Octane to be used in various lines and situations by adjusting power and release angles. With its high-speed demand and stable-understable nature at full speed, many players with average strength may find the Octane suitable as a maximum distance stable-overstable driver.



The advanced Octane disc golf disc is crafted to meet the most demanding needs of high speed and a wide edge. When the disc receives sufficient power, its distinctive dome truly comes into play, delivering exceptional glide and the ability to cover extremely long distances. This capability makes the Octane the ideal choice for powerful throwers looking to hyzerflip the disc for maximum distance.

Although the Octane requires a certain throwing power to unleash its full potential, it also offers impressive versatility. Average throwers will experience a gentle turn in their throw, providing them with control and precision. Octane’s power-responsive nature enables players to adjust their power and release angles to handle different lines and situations on the course.

The stable-understable characteristic at full speed makes Octane a reliable companion for players with average throwing strength. This opens up the possibility of using Octane as a stable-overstable driver for maximum distance. This combination of stability and glide makes Octane an ideal choice for players seeking a versatile and reliable disc golf disc.