MVP Neutron Ohm









140,00 DKK

Elevate your disc golf game with the MVP Neutron Ohm. Kinda like a heavy Glitch. Unlike any other disc, the Neutron Ohm is a versatile powerhouse. It effortlessly adapts to your personal style, whether you’re a seasoned player seeking to fine-tune your technique or a newcomer eager to explore various throwing methods. This versatility ensures that the Neutron Ohm becomes an extension of your throwing arm, allowing you to experiment, improve, and master the art of throws.



This disc is all about transforming your throws into a seamless and versatile experience, offering a unique blend of comfort and adaptability. Whether you’re aiming for precision approaches or experimenting with diverse throwing techniques, the Neutron Ohm is here to redefine your disc golf journey.

Distinguished by its sleek and modern design, the Neutron Ohm stands as an embodiment of both aesthetics and functionality. However, what truly sets it apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled throwing experience. Designed to grant you the power of precision and control, this disc effortlessly transforms challenging approaches into satisfying achievements.

Engineered with the signature Neutron plastic, the Neutron Ohm is not just a disc but a reliable companion on your disc golf adventures. Built to endure the rigors of the game, it offers consistent performance over countless rounds, delivering on MVP’s promise of quality and durability.

If you’re ready to elevate your throwing technique, embrace versatility like never before, and experience the joy of precise approaches, the MVP Neutron Ohm is your ultimate invitation. Step into a new era of disc golf throws, and let the Neutron Ohm redefine the way you play, practice, and triumph on the course!