MVP Proton Tesla Lizotte Team Series









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2024-06-14 00:00
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The Tesla is a stable-overstable distance driver with a subtle turn and reliable fade. Perfect for long-range pinpoint accuracy. Simon Lizotte’s 2024 Team Series disc features a dynamic hummingbird design.



The Tesla is known for its stable-overstable character and is an excellent choice for disc golf players seeking a distance driver with a balanced, responsive design. The Tesla’s subtle turn and reliable fade, combined with pronounced glide and forward finish, provide extra distance and precision. This driver is ideal for high power throws or headwind lines, with plenty of bite to fade back reliably and reduce lateral drift. Considered the big brother to our acclaimed Volt fairway driver, the Tesla is perfect for long-range pinpoint accuracy.

For the 2024 Team Series, Simon Lizotte has chosen the Proton Tesla as his signature disc. “If I was any animal, it’d have to be the hummingbird,” says Simon Lizotte. This disc is a staple of Simon’s bag, offering a stable flight with subtle turn and reliable fade, making it an easy workhorse disc for a variety of shot shapes.

The dynamic illustration of a hummingbird, created by Mike Inscho, captures Simon’s indomitable and energetic nature on the course, while maintaining a mesmerizing grace. This unique design perfectly represents the excitement and precision Simon brings to each throw.

The Proton Tesla is not only an aesthetically appealing disc but also a functional powerhouse that will help you achieve long-range pinpoint accuracy. Whether you are throwing with high power or navigating headwinds, the Tesla is the ideal choice for players looking to enhance their game with a disc that combines power and control.

Grab your own Proton Tesla today and discover just why it has become Simon’s go-to driver. Let this disc help you reach new heights in your disc golf journey, with the perfect balance of stability and glide.