Streamline Color Eclipse Drift OTB









235,00 DKK

Color Eclipse Drift – When you see the name Skulboy, you know you’re in for a true piece of art – and he delivers on the Color Eclipse Drift! Available in Green, Blue, Teal, Purple, and White glow, watch the art come to life when the lights go down. The Drift is a dependable fairway driver that has a ton of utility for players of all arm speeds – lower power players will find a reliable straight-stable workhorse, while higher power players will love the consistency of its subtle flip. Rediscover a Streamline classic with the new release of Color Eclipse for Streamline Discs in the 2024 OTB Open Color Eclipse Drift.



Release: 01.05.2024

Color Eclipse Drift is more than just a disc golf disc; it’s a work of art. When you hear the name Skulboy, you know you’re in for something extraordinary, and this disc certainly delivers. With a range of colors, including green, blue, teal, purple, and white glowing light, this disc is not only a reliable performer but also a beautiful sight, especially when darkness falls and the art begins to shine.

Drift is more than just a standard fairway driver; it’s designed to cater to players at all levels. For those with lower arm speeds, it’s a reliable, straight-stable workhorse that can hold a line. But for more experienced players with higher power, Drift is great for delivering consistent flips with subtlety and precision.

This disc is not just a reliable tool on the course but also a collector’s item. With Skulboy’s artistic touch, each disc is unique and carries a touch of individuality and creativity. It’s not just a disc; it’s an expression of passion for disc golf and the aesthetics of artistic expression.

The 2024 OTB Open Color Eclipse Drift is not just an addition to your disc golf bag; it’s a rediscovery of a classic. Streamline Discs has managed to create a disc that not only performs on the course but also enriches your gaming experience with its beauty and uniqueness.