Streamline Neutron Trace









175,00 DKK

This frisbee, also known as a golf disc, is the ideal choice for players seeking a perfect blend of control and power. With a moderate dome and a width of 21mm, the Trace offers a stable and straight flight, fitting squarely into the Speed 11 Power Straight market. The frisbee’s ability to absorb power allows players to execute a hyzerflip while still maintaining a straight trajectory. The smooth and uniform dome provides excellent glide, making this golf disc accessible and effective for players of all skill levels. With a reliable ending fade, the Trace is the optimal frisbee for precise range and control.



The Trace is crafted to meet the needs of disc golf enthusiasts who value a combination of precise control and powerful performance. This golf disc is designed with a rim width of 21mm and a straight-stable flight, categorizing it in the Speed 11 Power Straight range. Featuring a moderate dome that is both smooth and uniform, the Trace offers impressive glide and a comfortable feel in the hand.

Players will discover that the Trace can handle hyzerflips, allowing for adaptability in various gameplay situations. This golf disc can absorb a significant amount of power before deviating from its straight line, making it ideal for players aiming for both distance and precision. The Trace not only delivers powerful throws but also precise and predictable results, thanks to its reliable fade at the end of the flight.

Whether you are an experienced disc golf player or relatively new to the sport, the Trace will impress with its versatility and reliability. It is suitable for players of all levels and can be used for various throwing techniques. This golf disc is created with a focus on optimizing your performance on the course and providing the confidence needed to tackle challenging situations.