Westside Discs BT Medium Shield









100,00 DKK

The Shield is an outstanding disc golf disc designed with a tacky grip in BT plastic, making it suitable for both approach shots and putting. Slightly thicker than average and featuring a small bead on the rim, it enhances control and precision. The stable flight makes it the perfect choice for players seeking reliability in their throws, while the sticky grip ensures control in all conditions. Whether you’re an experienced disc golf enthusiast or a beginner, the Shield will be a dependable companion on the course.



The Shield stands out as an exceptional disc golf disc, impressing with its design and performance. Constructed with BT plastic, it not only provides a tactile feel but also a reliably sticky surface. This sticky surface plays a crucial role in improving your grip and control, essential in the world of disc golf.

With a slightly thicker profile and a subtle bead on the rim, the Shield distinguishes itself. This construction adds an extra dimension to your throwing technique, making it easier to maintain accuracy and precision in your throws. The small bead on the rim also contributes to enhanced control, especially when facing challenging terrain or complex curves on the course.

This putter excels as both an approach disc and a putter. When used as an approach disc, you’ll experience a stable flight that allows you to reach your desired destination accurately. The stable line, combined with the tactile sticky surface, ensures that you can rely on the Shield in various game situations.

When it comes to putts, the Shield delivers a straight line into the basket. Its reliable stability and grip make it ideal for those crucial moments where accuracy and control are paramount. Whether you’re an experienced disc golf player or a beginner, this disc golf putter will appeal to your preferences and enhance your overall gaming experience.