Westside Discs Origio Burst Tursas









90,00 DKK

Experience the joy of disc golf with Westside’s Tursas, the most controllable midrange disc on the market. Crafted with the everyday player in mind, the Tursas enhances the fun of disc golf. It allows for midrange anhyzer throws, making it perfect for those new to the sport. With a shallower grip, it’s well-suited for women and children. For professional players, it excels as an anhyzer midrange, while for those with lower arm speeds, it glides straight for the duration of its flight. The Origio material is meticulously designed for grip and ease of throw. Burst patterns bring life to the discs, with unique color combinations on each.



Westside’s Tursas is more than just a midrange disc; it’s a carefully crafted experience that elevates your disc golf game to new heights. Designed with a focus on control and ease of throw, this disc is ideal for any player, regardless of skill level. The Tursas is tailored with the everyday player in mind, contributing to a more enjoyable and accessible disc golf experience.

Particularly suitable for those new to the sport, the Tursas enables midrange anhyzer throws, creating a smooth learning curve. It also features a shallower grip profile, making it perfect for women and children with potentially smaller hands. For professional players, the Tursas is a reliable anhyzer midrange that offers precise control and performance.

The Origio material comprising the Tursas is a technological solution designed to provide an exceptional feel and ease of throw. Inspired by past successes like Prime for Dynamic Discs and Retro for Latitude 64, Origio brings this fantastic plastic to Westside’s disc lineup. The material is crafted to give players the ultimate combination of grip and throwability.

The Burst design on the Tursas adds an extra dimension to the disc’s aesthetics. Two colors blend in varying streaks, resulting in unique patterns and color combinations on each individual disc. This not only makes the Tursas a reliable performance disc but also a visual delight.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Westside’s Tursas will bring a new dimension to your disc golf game with its impressive control, ease of throw, and aesthetic appeal.