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Designed with the newer player in mind, the Underworld allows any player to accomplish an anhyzer shot. It is understable and low profile, making it ideal as the first disc for beginners. For professionals, it excels in creating a continuous anhyzer line and is perfect for rolling right out of the box. Origio material focuses on grip, offering a plastic that feels great and is easy to throw. Burst discs come in two colors, creating vibrant variations of streaks for a unique aesthetic. Each disc has distinct patterns and color combinations, ensuring individuality beyond the sample images.



The Underworld is crafted with a clear intention to meet the needs of new disc golf players, standing out as a disc that makes a statement on the course. Its understable and low-profile design makes it the perfect entry disc for beginners, while still providing advanced options for professional players.

For players new to the sport, the Underworld represents a unique opportunity to master anhyzer shots. Its low-profile construction and understable nature make it easier for new players to control and enhance their technique. This makes the Underworld an excellent choice as the first disc in a player’s collection.

Professional players will also appreciate the Underworld’s ability to deliver consistent anhyzer lines and the capability to roll straight out of the box. Its versatility makes it a reliable companion on the course, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

The Origio material that makes up this disc is designed with a focus on grip and user-friendliness. It’s a plastic that not only feels great in the hand but also makes it easier for players to achieve the desired throwing technique. This enables players to gain better control and precision in their throws.

Burst discs offer a visual feast for players, with two colors blended in beautiful variations of streaks. Each disc is unique, as patterns and color combinations vary from disc to disc. The vibrant aesthetics of Burst discs not only add a personal touch but also make the disc easier to spot on the course.

The Underworld is not just a disc; it’s a tool that helps players achieve their best game. Whether you’re a beginner just exploring disc golf or a professional player looking for a reliable and versatile disc, the Underworld delivers exactly what you need


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