Westside Discs Tournament Giant









140,00 DKK

This powerful and reliable long-range driver is designed for experienced players. The Westside Giant is an overstable high-speed driver that impresses with its stable and dependable flight pattern. Whether you have a powerful arm or a more moderate throwing speed, the Giant will impress you with its ability to tackle even the most challenging hyzer lines. Professional players will appreciate its ability to deliver precise hyzer shots over 350 feet, while players with lower throwing speeds will find it useful as an all-around disc in all weather conditions. Many also prefer the Giant as their go-to forehand disc, thanks to its ability to maintain speed in a forehand release. Whether you’re seeking speed or reliability, you need not look further than this impressive disc.



The Westside Giant is an exceptional long-range driver that delivers stability and reliability in any situation. Designed for experienced players with powerful arms, the Giant is known for its overstable flight pattern and ability to handle large hyzer lines with ease. The advanced construction of this disc makes it ideal for professional players who need a reliable hyzer disc for long shots over 350 feet.

Although the Giant is ideal for players with large throwing speeds, it is also appreciated by those with more moderate arm strengths. It serves as a reliable utility disc in all weather conditions and can handle various throwing techniques with ease. Many players find that the Giant is an excellent forehand disc that can maintain speed and stability in a forehand release.

Constructed with Tournament Plastic, an advanced variant of VIP plastic, the Giant offers outstanding durability and grip. This plastic is not transparent, providing a nice and solid feel in the hand. Compared to VIP plastic, Tournament plastic has a slightly better grip feel, making it ideal for precise throws.

Tournament plastic also offers exceptional durability, ensuring that your Giant disc will last long even with repeated throws. Its close comparison to Latitude Gold plastic underscores the quality and reliability of this material. Whether you’re a professional player seeking the perfect hyzer disc or a more casual player looking for reliable performance, the Westside Giant will meet and exceed your expectations.