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Embark on a groundbreaking disc golf experience with Westside Warship midrange, meticulously designed to cater to every player’s needs. Crafted with user-friendliness in mind, this disc maintains a straight trajectory and offers a comfortable grip. Regardless of your arm speed, the Warship ensures a straight flight and remarkable controllability. Tailored for players with faster arm speeds, it flies straight with exceptional manageability. For those with slower arm speeds, it holds a straight line and finishes left for right-handed players or right for left-handed players.



Explore a new level of disc golf excellence with Westside’s exclusive Warship midrange, intricately crafted to meet the demands of players across all skill levels. The Warship isn’t just a disc; it’s an essential tool for every disc golf enthusiast. Engineered for ease of handling, it boasts an impressive ability to maintain a straight trajectory while offering a comfortable grip.

For players with faster arm speeds, the Warship excels by delivering a straight flight with precise control. It’s designed to meet the needs of seasoned players seeking a disc that adapts to their unique playing style. This disc transcends the typical midrange; it serves as the key to elevating your game and taking your disc golf experience to unprecedented heights.

The Warship’s versatility is noteworthy, making it well-suited for players with slower arm speeds. It maintains a straight line, ensuring precise and predictable finishes to the left for right-handed players and to the right for left-handed players. This feature empowers players to fine-tune their throws and achieve optimal results on the course.

Crafted from an advanced version of VIP plastic material infused with technical polymers, the Warship ensures both durability and outstanding performance. The VIP plastic offers a unique blend of transparency and grip, providing an enhanced user experience. The Warship isn’t merely our fastest midrange; it’s an investment in your on-course performance.


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