Westside Tournament Orbit Queen









185,00 DKK

Conquer the disc golf course with ease using our exceptional Golf Disc – Queen. This regal disc possesses the same qualities as a king but in a more compact package. The Queen is just as fast as its counterpart but has a noticeably smaller feel in the hand. Ideal as a bomber or a precise stand-still surgical instrument, the Queen will rule your bag with the perfect mix of grace and power.



Take your disc golf experience to the next level with our outstanding Golf Disc – Queen. This disc inherits the same excellent qualities as a king but in a more compact and manageable size. The Queen stands out as a powerful and versatile disc, bringing both elegance and strength to your gaming experience.

Designed to be as fast as its counterpart, Queen is suitable for powerful throws across the disc golf course. At the same time, it has a significantly smaller feel in the hand, providing you with extra control and precision, especially when standing still and working with surgical accuracy.

The advanced VIP plastic that makes up the Queen contains technical polymers that significantly enhance the disc’s performance. The Tournament plastic used for this disc is known for its durability, matching the VIP plastic while offering a slightly better grip. You cannot see through Tournament plastic, ensuring consistent and reliable performance under all conditions.

Queen is presented in our unique Orbit design, utilizing a spectacular two-color process. This opens up a whole new world of color combinations, where no discs are the same, and the variations within each disc make each one unique. Queen is not just a disc; it is a work of art on the disc golf course, standing out with style and class.

Whether you’re an experienced disc golfer or a beginner, Queen will reign over your disc golf bag with a perfect balance of grace and power. Experience quality, precision, and beauty in every throw with Golf Disc – Queen.