Westside VIP Gatekeeper









115,00 DKK

Explore the power and precision of this Disc Golf midrange, The Gatekeeper. This overstable frisbee is crafted to respond accurately to your throws and maintain direction even when subjected to powerful shots. With a comfortable rim and surprisingly high-speed stability, the Gatekeeper is the perfect companion to help you stay on the fairway. Whether facing windy conditions or simply seeking precision, this disc is the ultimate choice. Experience control like never before with The Gatekeeper.



The Gatekeeper is not just an ordinary frisbee; it is your key to extraordinary control and precision on the disc golf course. Designed to respond accurately to your throws, this overstable midrange disc stands out with its ability to maintain direction even under powerful throws. Whether you’re an experienced disc golf enthusiast or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the the reliability and versatility.

The comfortable rim makes it easy to grip and throw The Gatekeeper with confidence. The high-quality material and construction ensure durable and reliable performance on the course. When facing windy conditions, you can trust that the this midrange disc remains stable at high speeds with a slight tendency to fade, helping you maintain control over your throw.

The inspiration behind The Gatekeeper comes from the Finnish national epic Kalevala, and the disc’s name, Tuonen Poika, carries historical roots. Oskar Åström’s artistic depiction from 2018 brings the spirit of Kalevala into the disc golf world. Explore Kalevala in English to understand the deeper connection between history and this remarkable disc.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable companion for windy days or aiming to enhance your precision on the course, The Gatekeeper is the ideal choice. Give your throws direction and control with this outstanding overstable midrange disc