Westside VIP Ice Orbit King









175,00 DKK

Experience the next level of disc golf with the Westside King – the fastest and longest-flying disc designed for players of all levels. Elevate your game, enhance your distance, and make the Westside King a crucial part of your disc golf bag today.



Introducing the Westside King, the disc golf community’s preferred high-speed driver for an unparalleled frisbee golf experience. As a key addition to your disc golf bag, the Westside King is designed to maximize distance for players of all skill levels.

Our disc golf masterpiece offers an exceptional blend of speed and control, making it the ideal companion for both professional players and those seeking to enhance their frisbee golf skills. The Westside King, with its advanced aerodynamics and superior grip, delivers an extraordinary long-distance flight, ensuring it earns its place as the longest flying disc in your disc golf bag.

For those in search of the perfect disc golf bag companion, the Westside King is a game-changer. Its unique design traps the air and rides it like never before, providing the full flight experience you’ve always wanted on the disc golf course. Whether you’re an experienced pro or a player with a lower-speed arm, the Westside King is your ticket to unlocking new possibilities on the frisbee golf course.

Elevate your disc golf game with the Westside King – the ultimate disc golf driver that combines precision and power, making it a must-have in every frisbee golf enthusiast’s disc golf bag