Züca All Terrain – Looney Bin – Water Bottle Holder

245,00 DKK

The Looney Bin bottle holder is the ideal solution for those looking for something unique. Not every bottle fits the standard mold, and this holder accommodates anything from a convenience store water bottle to a large Hydroflask. It’s versatile, durable, and designed to fit bottles ranging from 65mm to 95mm. Sold individually, it’s a perfect addition to any ZÜCA All-Terrain, EZ, Transit, Trekker, Compact, Disc Golf, or Backpack Cart model.

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Elevate your disc golf experience with the Looney Bin bottle holder, an essential accessory for your disc golf cart. Versatile and durable, it accommodates a wide range of bottle sizes, ensuring you always have your favorite beverages within reach during your disc golf excursions. Whether you prefer a convenient store-bought water bottle or a large Hydroflask, the Looney Bin can handle it all. Its easy installation and perfect fit for bottles ranging from 65mm to 95mm in diameter make it a must-have addition to your disc golf gear. Sold individually, this bottle holder is compatible with various ZÜCA cart models, including All-Terrain, EZ, Transit, Trekker, Compact, Disc Golf, and Backpack Cart.