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What is a putting league?

A disc golf putting league provides an engaging and community-oriented competition that focuses specifically on improving the putting game within the disc golf world. Disc golf and Frisbee enthusiasts gather regularly to participate in this type of league that not only improves skills but also strengthens the social bond within the disc golf community.

During a “typical” disc golf putting league session, several putting stations are set up where participants are responsible for hitting accurate putts from varying distances. Participants earn points based on the accuracy of their putts, and this competitive structure creates an atmosphere of both competition and fun.

Disc golf putting leagues are often held on a regular schedule, creating a routine for participants and allowing them to see a constant improvement in their putting game over time. This is an ideal opportunity for disc golf enthusiasts to enjoy the sport and refine their techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.

With a focus on disc golf, these putting leagues represent not only a way to improve technical skills, but also an opportunity to explore the many aspects of the sport of Frisbee. Participants can share their passion for disc golf and Frisbee, strengthen their connections within the community and build a deeper love for the sport, all while honing their throwing and putting skills in a fun and social way.

At Discimport we host our own putting league every Wednesday from 19-21, and you can read more about it right here!