Disc Golf Coaching

In the upcoming season, we want to intensify our focus on personal training, but let’s make it clear that it’s not about strength training. No, our goal is to enhance your disc golf development through customized training and guidance.

We have seen how personal training has yielded positive results in the strength center, and it has inspired us to take the next step. Now, you have the opportunity to work with a personal trainer who specializes in disc golf. We offer you the opportunity to work diligently on your individual goals and improve your game in a professional manner.

In our new training facilities, we have received many positive feedback regarding our more spontaneous but effective personal form checks and feedback sessions, with a focus on frisbee and disc golf. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and therefore, we would like to offer this unique and personalized training experience to help you reach your next level in disc golf.

Online Personal Disc Golf Training

In an online individual training program, you gain the benefits of having an experienced coach by your side while having the freedom to train at times that suit you best.

We lead the way and set high standards for the quality of online personal training. Som følge heraf vil du blive tilknyttet en træner, hvis færdigheder og ekspertise er i overensstemmelse med dine mål, og du vil altid have en direkte kommunikationskanal til din træner.

Your program includes:

  • Personalized training program
  • Form check & technical training
  • Weekly online check-in.
  • Video feedback
  • Personal goals

1.200 kr./month

Club members can use their club discount!

Personal Disc Golf Training in Engesvang

At Discimport, we have fantastic indoor facilities with top-quality equipment where we offer professional disc golf training. We offer the ultimate training experience, where we continuously fine-tune small details to ensure that you get the most out of every training session.

Are you frustrated with a lack of motivation, structure, uncertain about the effectiveness of your training, lacking knowledge about exercises, not seeing results aligned with your goals, or simply looking for a customized training plan from the start? Then we are ready to assist you!
Call us or send us an email, and we’ll tailor the perfect program for you.

Your program includes:

  • Personalized training program
  • Form and technical training
  • Weekly 45-minute session (physical attendance)
  • Tracking of relevant data with Discimport’s equipment
  • Personal goals

Club members can use their club discount!

Contact us:

+45 51 92 40 93

+45 61 48 44 69

Would you like training where you live? Read more here.

Club Offer

Disc Golf Instruction

Would your club like assistance with organizing a training session? Help is available right here!
We understand how difficult it can be to find volunteers to conduct weekly training and how challenging it is to find new inspiring exercises for players at different levels. That’s why we offer to come to your club evening with one of our experienced instructors who will take care of the training for you.

We guarantee high-quality instruction, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and provide input. We would love to arrange the day in collaboration with you and ensure that we provide instruction that meets the needs of your club.

A training session includes at a minimum:

  • Instruction with one of Discimport’s instructors
  • 2 x 45 min. training with exercises and instruction
  • Opportunity for questions & feedback at the group level

1900 Kr.
(including transportation up to 50km)

Instructor Course

Is your club in need of volunteers to lead training sessions? Or do your coaches require inspiration and training? We have just what you need!
We offer an instructor training course that equips participants to instruct others in disc golf. The course is conducted by one of our competent instructors, who will take the group on a journey to prepare them to pass on the essentials of disc golf to others.

The course is of the highest quality, and we ensure that all participants feel confident in passing on the knowledge of disc golf. Of course, we plan the entire course in collaboration with you, and we do it right where you need it.

An instructor course includes a minimum of:

  • Minimum 5 participants (additional fee for more than 10 participants)
  • Instruction from one of Discimport’s instructors
  • Focus on imparting disc golf through exercises and games
  • Review of the basic elements and technique of disc golf
  • Didactic focus on conveying disc golf
  • 5 times of (2 x 45 minutes) = 10 lessons course

(excluding transportation)

The program can be tailored to fit your club’s needs, of course. Therefore, we also offer an advanced level if your coaches have some or extensive experience as disc golf coaches.

Contack Us:

Mikael Birkelund
+45 51 92 40 93

Philip Ø. Kristoffersen
+45 61 48 44 69

Martin Erichsen
+45 31 62 30 02

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