Disc Golf In School

Why Disc Golf for Schools?

Within the last years, it has been imposed to add more movement/physical education to the curriculum. In public schools, purpose clause/goals of teaching purposes, it is encouraged to use nature as a teaching/learning space.

Therefore disc golf springs to mind, as an obvious learning tool. Even more, the sport itself, besides exercise and fresh air, contains elements to be used on many levels, and contributes to maintain and obtain, many types of skills.

Danish Discimport has years of experience with disc golf as part of school life, and our instructors are trained and educated within physical education, and Dics Golf itself.

We offer various courses, depending on purpose and participants. A common thing for all courses/classes, is to increase the students/participant many skills and abilities:

  • Increase social responsibility
  • Heighten motivation
  • Use Disc Golf as a cross-curricular tool
  • Education for good citizenship (mutual respect, equality)
  • Increase of motor skills (/patterns of movement)

The above is all structured with the attention and awareness of levels, ages, and abilities, but will involve the following:

  • Cross- curricular
  • Physical education
  • Self-development and cooperative skills (theory and practically)
  • Exercise and good health

Call or email, and together we will structure the right solution/ course to fit your students

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