Axiom Proton Soft Tempo OTB









Elevate your disc golf experience with the Proton Soft Tempo from Green C Studio! This exclusive edition of the Tempo disc is crafted to enhance your game and help you achieve your best score ever. Featuring a special stamp that puts you in the right rhythm, let the calm guide your hand to the perfect throw. Tempo is designed as a low-profile approach putter with flight numbers of 4 | 4 | 0 | 2.5. It’s not overwhelmingly overstable, but can handle torque for both forehand and backhand throws as well as approaches. Dive into the wave that works best for you with this OTB Open exclusive edition of Proton Soft Tempo – the first official release of the disc that took us all by storm during 2023’s Circuit Challenge!

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Give your disc golf game a boost in the right direction with the Proton Soft Tempo from Green C Studio. This special disc is crafted with the purpose of assisting disc golf enthusiasts in improving their game and reaching new heights within the sport. With a unique stamp symbolizing the soothing tempo this product can bring into your game, it’s more than just an ordinary disc – it’s your key to achieving the perfect flight path and precision in every throw.

Proton Soft Tempo is not just an ordinary disc; it’s designed to be a low-profile approach putter, giving players the ability to handle various throwing situations with ease. With flight numbers of 4 | 4 | 0 | 2.5, the Tempo is not extremely overstable, but it still maintains the necessary stability to handle both forehand and backhand throws as well as approaches. This makes it a versatile disc suitable for players of all levels.

The exclusive edition of Proton Soft Tempo that we present here is the result of careful development and testing to ensure the highest quality and performance. This disc is not only a tool to improve your game but also a symbol of your dedication to the sport and your pursuit of perfection. With a special stamp reflecting the product’s name, you can feel connected to the calm and harmony that Tempo represents.

This exclusive edition of Proton Soft Tempo was first introduced during 2023’s Circuit Challenge, where it immediately caught the attention of players everywhere. Now, you have the opportunity to own this unique disc and take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning to explore the world of disc golf, Proton Soft Tempo will be a valuable addition to your collection.