Discmania NEO Soft Spore









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2024-03-27 11:00
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Spore is a fun and floaty option available in the Evolution line. This is a fantastic tool for warming up before a round of disc golf, enjoying a game of catch with friends, or smooth upshots or short drives out on the course. This disc can be compared to a putter in terms of speed but is deeper and will fly much straighter with less effort.



Spore is a disc that offers fun and playful flight, available within the Evolution series. With its lightweight nature, it’s ideal for warming up before an intense round of disc golf or simply for casual play with friends. This disc is specially designed to fly straight and predictably, making it a reliable choice for smooth upshots or short drives on the course. Compared to a putter, Spore has a similar speed, but its deeper profile provides a more stable and straight flight, making it easier to control.

Spore was first introduced as a reward disc in Mystery Boxes in winter 2023. Designed with fun in mind, this whimsical disc is suitable for a wide range of situations on and off the course. Many have said that playing catch with a disc before a round is one of the best ways to fine-tune your throw before the round begins. A Soft Neo Spore will allow you to execute the necessary throws and comfortably catch it upon return. Ideal for smooth technical upshots, casual play before the event, and also with friends in the park.

About Soft Neo plastic: Soft Neo is considerably softer and more flexible than traditional Neo plastic. The grip and appearance of the plastic are of the same high quality you expect, but the more rubbery composition of Soft Neo makes it easy to catch the disc and will not skip as far when landing next to your target.