Kastaplast Mumitrold Disc Golf Sæt

495,00 DKK

Experience an exciting introduction to disc golf with the popular Kasta Set, now accompanied by a brand new series inspired by the Moomin Valley. This set offers beginner-friendly discs and is represented by characters such as Little My, Too-ticki, and Snorkmaiden. With the same molds and only a few changes in plastic types, this set is ideal for diving into disc golf and makes a fantastic gift idea!

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Want to experience the thrill of disc golf? Then the popular Kasta Set with its beginner-friendly discs is the perfect choice, now with a new and exciting twist inspired by the Moomin Valley. This set has been expanded with characters like Little My, Too-ticki, and Snorkmaiden adorning the familiar molds. While the molds remain the same, we’ve made some adjustments in plastic types, including the introduction of K1 soft plastic for the Berg disc.

This set is more than just discs; it’s an invitation to a world of fun and competition on the disc golf course. With discs specially designed to facilitate learning, this set is perfect for those looking to dip their toes into disc golf for the first time. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this set will provide you with the right balance of control and distance.

Embark on an adventure with Little My, Too-ticki, and Snorkmaiden as you explore the world of disc golf. From the first throws to advanced techniques, this set will accompany you on your journey and turn every round into an unforgettable experience. And not only is this set ideal for personal use, it also makes the perfect gift for any disc golf enthusiast.