MVP Black Hole Lite + Transit – med bæretaske

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En fantastisk kurv i letvægt til dig der ikke vil gå på kompromis med kvaliteten.

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Producentens beskrivelse:

Weighing in at just under 26 lbs (25% lighter than the Black Hole® Pro), this basket is sure to up the portability game without sacrificing durability or catching power! Featuring the classic threaded tension connector assembly system that the Pro series of baskets is known for, the Black Hole® Lite is a perfect fit for someone wanting a more portable solution.

  • Seamless Matte Black Color
  • Electrophoresed first stage followed with tough powder coated outer shell for extra durability and protection
  • 25% Lighter than Pro Models
  • 12 outer and 12 inner course weighted chains equidistantly oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut-throughs and pole bounces
  • Sturdy all-metal construction, all joints welded
  • Uniquely engineered design – assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute
  • Compact easily transportable disassembled unit
  • Threaded tension connections for a sturdy assembly without any distracting wobble or play
  • Standard load distributed base
  • Covered by 2-year Limited Warranty. Note: Minor cosmetic imperfections and rust are not covered under warranty



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