Axiom Eclipse Crave Special Edition









245,00 DKK

Experience controllable straight flights and unparalleled style with the Axiom Eclipse Crave – Special Edition. Designed for precision and performance, this disc offers a unique dual-color stamp from Green C Studio, ensuring both visibility and aesthetic appeal on the disc golf course.

Crafted with Axioms’s renowned GYRO® technology, the Crave delivers stability, versatility, and a comfortable feel in the hand. Elevate your game with the modern glow technology of Eclipse plastic and the timeless performance of the Crave.



The color refers to the color of the rim.

The Axiom Eclipse Crave – Special Edition combines cutting-edge technology with classic performance to deliver an exceptional disc golf experience. Engineered for controllable straight flights, the Crave boasts a stable and predictable flight path, making it a staple in any disc golfer’s bag. Whether you’re navigating tight fairways or executing long-range drives, the Crave’s versatility and reliability shine through.

What sets this Special Edition apart is its eye-catching dual-color stamp designed by Green C Studio. This fresh stamp adds a touch of style and uniqueness to the Eclipse Crave, making it stand out on the course. Additionally, the Eclipse plastic offers superior glow performance, ensuring excellent visibility during nighttime rounds.

The Crave’s flight characteristics are optimized for maximum control and distance. Responding to power with a gentle turn and long forward fade, this disc delivers consistent and precise throws, even in challenging wind conditions. Its “locked-on” flight path, enhanced by Axiom’s GYRO® technology, provides unparalleled accuracy from start to finish.

Ideal for long straight neutral-stable shots, the Crave excels in both power and finesse throws. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the sport, the Axiom Eclipse Crave – Special Edition is sure to elevate your disc golf game to new heights.