Axiom Neutron Crave Team MVP Sarah Hokom









195,00 DKK

Discover the ultimate performance with our Crave disc golf disc! With its defining straight flight and long forward fade, the Crave is the ideal choice for disc golf enthusiasts. This disc responds to power for extra distance and delivers a gentle turn at high speeds. With its unique design, the Crave ensures precise and locked-on flight throughout its trajectory. During its finishing stage of flight, this disc exhibits a particularly forward drop, making it perfect for long, straight, and neutral-stable shots. Elevate your disc golf game with our Crave disc today!



The Crave disc golf disc is characterized by its impressive straight flight and long forward fade, providing a perfect balance of control and distance in your disc golf game. Thanks to its unique design and GYRO® technology, the Crave offers incredibly precise and stable flight throughout the throw.

When subjected to more power, the Crave responds by delivering extra distance and a gentle turn, providing optimal control even at high speeds. Its ability to maintain a “locked” line makes the Crave a reliable companion for disc golfers of all levels.

During the finishing phase of its flight, the Crave demonstrates a particularly forward drop, contributing to its predictable stability and making it ideal for long, straight, and neutral-stable shots. Whether you’re an experienced disc golfer or a beginner, the Crave disc will help you reach your performance goals on the course.