Axiom Proton soft Paradox OTB









235,00 DKK

Discover the beauty in simplicity with Pirate Nate’s Proton Soft Paradox. This highly understable midrange disc is perfect for creating captivating hyzer-flip lines and turnovers for all arm speeds. Crafted in visually striking Proton Soft plastic, this disc serves as a reminder to find beauty around us. Find your perfect line with the 2024 OTB Open Proton Soft Paradox!



Release: 01.05.2024

Proton Soft Paradox is more than just a disc – it’s a reminder to find beauty in simple things. Inspired by the simplicity of nature, Pirate Nate presents us with a disc that’s not only visually appealing but also highly functional on the course. As a highly understable midrange disc, the Paradox is designed to allow you to create impressive lines and turnovers, regardless of your arm speed. The Proton Soft plastic it’s made of not only adds a visual element but also provides a soft and comfortable grip that enhances your control and precision.

With Proton Soft Paradox, you get more than just a reliable disc, you get a visual experience. The striking design and colors add an extra dimension to your playing experience and make it easy to spot your disc even on long throws. Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer or a beginner, Proton Soft Paradox will be a valuable addition to your bag.

And with the upcoming 2024 OTB Open Proton Soft Paradox, you have the chance to get your hands on one of the most sought-after discs on the market. Get ready to discover the beauty in simplicity and enhance your game with Proton Soft Paradox!