Axiom Simon Line Electron Pixel Special Edition









From 156,00 DKK

Experience a revolution in disc golf with the Electron Pixel, the second addition to the Simon Line! This Special Edition introduces a fresh perspective to the sport with its unique design and updated Electron plastic. Take a look at what Simon Line is all about.



DoubleRam Design proudly presents the Electron Pixel, the second chapter in the Simon Line that sets new standards in disc golf. This Special Edition, available in Soft, Medium, and Firm Electron plastic, is crafted from 15 years of experience from Simon and a new plastic blend defining 2024.

The updated Electron plastic is the result of careful listening to feedback from the disc golf community. To create a more differentiated experience between Soft and Medium, we have refined our blend. Now, Electron plastic offers incredible grip across all three hardness levels, with Soft plastic noticeably softer than before, now a true Soft Electron. This leads to an unprecedented confidence in putting and from the tee.

Pixel is created in an 8-bit spirit, and with a deep, micro-bead design and reliable straight/stable character, it’s the ideal putter, providing extra glide for longer putts. This special edition celebrates not only Simon Line’s second release but also the introduction of our groundbreaking 2024 plastic blend.

Seize the opportunity to experience the best of DoubleRam Design with the Electron Pixel. Whether you prefer Soft, Medium, or Firm, this disc will take your game to the next level. Optimize your performance and be part of the disc golf revolution!