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Introducing the Axiom Total Eclipse Hex Halloween 2023 – Simon Lizotte Edition: Unleash Your Halloween Spirit!



Free your Halloween spirit with the Axiom Total Eclipse Hex Halloween 2023 – Simon Lizotte Edition. Created in collaboration with disc golf sensation Simon Lizotte, this limited-edition disc is a celebration of all things spooky and spectacular. Whether you’re seeking to add a dash of Halloween flair to your game or channeling the essence of Simon’s game-changing throws, the Total Eclipse Hex is your key to disc golf excitement.

Key Features:

  1. Eerie Elegance: The Total Eclipse Hex Halloween 2023 boasts a captivating design that captures the haunting charm of Halloween. With spooky imagery and captivating colors, this disc is a visual treat that’s sure to turn heads on the course.
  2. Simon Lizotte’s Seal: This special edition disc carries the seal of approval from Simon Lizotte, one of disc golf’s most electrifying players. Channel Simon’s energy and finesse as you take on your own throws, capturing the spirit of his signature game.
  3. Enhanced Flight Dynamics: With insights from Simon Lizotte’s throwing style, the Total Eclipse Hex offers enhanced flight dynamics that cater to both power throws and finesse shots. Its flight pattern is designed to mirror Simon’s expertise, ensuring that every throw is a remarkable journey.
  4. Collectible Appeal: Beyond its exceptional performance, the Total Eclipse Hex Halloween 2023 – Simon Lizotte Edition holds collectible appeal. As a limited-edition release, it becomes a treasured piece in your disc golf collection, commemorating a momentous Halloween with a dash of disc golf excitement.
  5. Versatile Thrills: Whether you’re mimicking Simon’s power shots or infusing your unique style, the Total Eclipse Hex Halloween 2023 adapts to various techniques. Its balanced flight characteristics empower you to tackle challenging throws with confidence.

Embrace the Halloween spirit and elevate your disc golf game with the Axiom Total Eclipse Hex Halloween 2023 – Simon Lizotte Edition. Unleash the excitement, stand out on the course, and experience the fusion of Halloween magic and Simon’s disc golf wizardry.

Embrace the spirit. Capture the magic.


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