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2024-04-03 11:00
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CD1 is back with a new name in Discmania’s grippy and durable S-Line plastic. Formerly known as CD2, we’ve brought the mold back into the spotlight based on popular demand. The letters “CD” in the name stand for Control Driver, putting the player in the driver’s seat and allowing you full control to manipulate and style the disc exactly how you want it to. CD1 is a great first distance driver for less powerful or experienced players and an incredibly useful disc for experts too. Those with a bit more armspeed will find that this disc often competes for distance with even their fastest drivers, yet the execution feels more effortless and controlled.

Compared to the C-Line counterpart, this S-Line version will fly a bit straighter with less effort. The profile of the disc is comparable to a gentle dome throughout and semi-rigid flexibility.

CD1 handles just about any wind condition with ease but is most well-suited for tailwinds and calmer weather. Players will notice that the CD1 has the tendency to fly similarly to a well-seasoned PD, giving you the right amount of glide and shot shaping options but will always maintain enough stability to end with a smooth low-speed fade in the end. If you only had one disc to play a round with, this disc would be an excellent choice.

Good for: Backhand, forehand, tailwind, calm weather, amateur distance driver, expert fairway/distance driver, sneaky sneaky bombs.
Compares to: Longer FD, well-seasoned PD.




CD1 is back with a new name and improved performance. In our popular S-Line plastic, this control driver combines the best of both worlds: the feel of a fairway driver with a distance driver’s capacity. The disc offers an unprecedented ability to shape shots and adapt to players’ individual playing styles.

Formerly known as CD2, CD1 was reintroduced to the market due to its continued popularity and demand from disc golf enthusiasts. The letters “CD” in the name stand for Control Driver, indicating its primary purpose: to give players full control over their throws and the ability to shape their shots precisely as they desire.

The grippy and durable S-Line plastic that CD1 is made of ensures reliable grip and long-lasting durability. This type of plastic also gives the disc a good balance between stiffness and flexibility, ideal for both beginners and experienced players.

Compared to its C-Line counterpart, this S-Line version flies a little straighter and requires less effort from the player. The profile of the disc has a gentle dome and a semi-rigid structure, providing a comfortable feel in the hand and reliable performance in the air.

One of the most impressive features of CD1 is its ability to handle different wind conditions with ease. While it performs well in almost any wind, it is particularly suitable for tailwinds and calm weather. Regardless of the wind conditions, players can expect CD1 to maintain its stability and end with a smooth low-speed fade, making it a reliable disc in any situation.

In terms of performance, CD1 can accommodate various playing styles and skill levels. It serves as an excellent first distance driver for less powerful or novice players, while offering enough potential to meet the needs of expert players. Players with more armspeed will be surprised by how far CD1 can fly and how easily it can be controlled through different throwing techniques.

Whether you prefer backhand or forehand throws, CD1 will allow you to shape your shots precisely as you desire. With its excellent glide and stability, it is possible to achieve impressive distance and accuracy, regardless of your experience level.

In summary, CD1 is a versatile and reliable control driver that caters to the needs of both beginners and experienced players. With its ability to deliver precise shots and impressive distance, CD1 is an indispensable tool in any disc golfer’s bag.