Discmania S-line P3x









165,00 DKK

2024-04-10 11:00
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The P3x is a semi-low profile putter with a bead. It boasts a stable flight path, making it perfect for short controlled drives and approaches, even in windy conditions. Its ergonomic rim also makes it a great putting putter. With reliable fade and low glide, the P3x never overshoots the basket.



The P3x stands as another dependable workhorse putter in Discmania’s lineup, reminiscent of the P2 but with a twist. Tailored for players who adore the P2 but find its depth cumbersome, the P3x offers a solution. Featuring a pronounced bead at the bottom, a flat profile, and a slightly reduced inner rim, this putter ensures a clean release every time.

This disc is an ideal companion for blustery days on the course, ensuring smooth and dependable upshots, impressive hyzers, or powerful forehand/backhand throws that maintain a steady trajectory and conclude with a dependable fade. Don’t let the opportunity slip by; this release is highly anticipated for good reason!

What’s its utility? S-Line putters typically shine away from the putting surface, making them reliable for shorter holes off the tee, approaches to the green, and utility shots across the fairways. However, if putting with an S-Line disc is your preference, rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

About this S-Line release: In comparison to the recently reintroduced Color Glow version in Winter 2023 Mystery Boxes, these discs will feel notably thinner in hand and offer a tad more over-stability. We’re thrilled with the torque-resistant nature of this stock run and anticipate it to compete for a spot in the bag even amongst the most devout Tactic enthusiasts.