Dynamic Discs Lucid Verdict









140,00 DKK

Predictable, Overstable Midrange – That is what you get with the Verdict!



Predictable and overstable midrange – that’s exactly what you get with the Verdict. This disc is designed to provide you with the midrange distance you need, even when the wind is threatening to flip everything you throw. The Verdict is a disc you can rely on, no matter the conditions on the course.

The Verdict is known for its reliability and ability to withstand even the strongest wind conditions.

With stability that gives you confidence on the course, the Verdict is ideal for both beginners and experienced players. Its design ensures you can achieve a controlled and accurate flight, even in windy conditions. This disc is also excellent for both forehand and backhand throws.

The Verdict is made from high-quality plastic that ensures long-lasting durability and reliable performance. No matter how often you play, you can trust that your Verdict will maintain its shape and functionality over time.

Whether you’re playing on an open fairway or a technical course, the Verdict will help you achieve the best results. Its combination of stability, glide, and reliability makes it an indispensable tool in any disc golfer’s bag.