iDye Poly – Golf Disc Color

75,00 DKK

Discover iDye Poly, the ultimate dye for coloring polyester and nearly any synthetic surface. This dye is perfect for adding a personal touch to your frisbee discs, golf discs, and other synthetic items. With iDye Poly, dyeing is a breeze; simply add the dye packet to a pot of water, add your fabric or objects, and bring it to a boil. Avoid the hassle of clumpy powder and enjoy easy dyeing today!



Experience the magic of iDye Poly, the most versatile dye capable of coloring polyester and almost any synthetic surface. Whether you want to customize your frisbee discs or give your golf discs a unique look, iDye Poly is the ideal choice. This dye is not limited to fabrics alone; it can also color plastic, nylon, toys, dolls, shoes, and even 3D-printed objects. With a convenient soluble packet, you avoid mess and hassle associated with traditional dye powders. Dyeing with iDye Poly is a simple process: Just add the dye packet to a pot of water, mix it well, add your fabric or objects, and let it simmer. Before long, you’ll have vibrant, durable colors that stand out on any polyester piece.