Latitude 64 Easy-Go v2 taske

995,00 DKK

Are premium backpacks too big for you? The Easy-Go lightweight backpack from Latitude 64° is the answer. The Easy-Go still holds all the essential disc golf gear you need. Ergonomically designed to have a better weight distribution closer to your body. Take it easy! Pack light! Go play!




The main storage compartment holds 12 discs in duo sockets.

Top and bottom compartments are suitable to store towels, clothes, etc.

Top compartment can also be used to store an extra 3-4 discs.

Two bottle holders at the sides.

Two elastic side pockets, one at each side. Made to store smaller items like minis, keys or your phone.

Umbrella holder.

Premium zippers.

Weight: 1770 grams (3.9 pounds)

Five changes on this new edition of the Easy-Go Backpack:

Improved ergonomics, the bag will now sit slightly higher on your back.

The bag construction has been revised and made more stable.

Less disc dividers. Now you can fit two discs in each slot.

Zippered cover for the main disc compartment.

Lower weight, even better for your back!

Discs, towels and water bottle are not included. Rain cover sold separately.