Prodigy Ace line ProFlex P Model US









135,00 DKK

The P Model US is designed to be a wonderfully smooth flyer with a pleasant understable touch. This disc boasts substantial glide, which will be evident from the first throw. Upon initial release, the P Model US will fly straight, but it can be easily manipulated to follow the desired angle. As it becomes more seasoned, its understandable flight will become more noticeable, allowing for effortless controlled turnovers and hyzerflip shots that finish softly and straight. It also performs well on the green, thanks to its glide, offering options for both short and long-range putting.



The P Model US is an excellent addition to any disc golfer’s bag, seeking a reliable disc for both short and mid-range shots. Constructed to offer smooth flight and a comfortable feel in the hand, this disc is ideal for precision shots at short distances as well as putting.

With its understable nature and substantial glide, the P Model US lends itself well to a variety of throwing techniques. Upon the initial throw, you’ll notice its straight flight, but as the disc wears in, it will develop a more understable flight. This makes it suitable for controlled turnovers and hyzerflip shots that finish softly and straight, allowing you to navigate around obstacles with ease.

The P Model US has also proven to be a dependable putter on the green. With its glide, it can effortlessly glide through the air and find its way to the basket with ease. Whether facing short or long putts, this disc provides you with the confidence to sink the putt with precision.

Designed with a focus on comfort and control, the P Model US fits well in the hand and allows you to release the disc with precision and power. Whether using it for short drives, approaches, or putts, the P Model US will help enhance your game and provide you with the confidence you need on the course.