Westside Discs BT Hard Harp









100,00 DKK

Experience ultimate precision and reliability with Westside’s Disc Golf series. Westside’s golf discs, also known as frisbees, are designed to meet every challenge on the course. Take control of your throw with the innovative Harp model, created to withstand various weather conditions. This versatile disc holds in the wind and adapts to temperatures with Westside’s BT plastic material, offering flexibility and a comfortable grip.



Westside’s Disc Golf collection is crafted to elevate your game to new heights, and their flagship product, Harp, stands as the most reliable approach disc from Westside. Designed with a focus on versatility and durability, this putt and approach disc  is perfect for players at all skill levels.

Harp’s ability to withstand different weather conditions makes it an indispensable tool on the course. It performs well in windy conditions while retaining its shape and stability. During the summer, Westside’s BT hard plastic material comes into play, ensuring that the disc retains its shape and stability even in hot conditions. This makes Harp the ideal approach disc for professional players seeking a reliable tool that can adapt to different arm speeds and throwing angles.

Whether you have a fast or slow arm speed, Harp is designed to be the most overstable approach disc you’ll ever need. For professional players, it’s a necessity that can handle any challenge on the course. For those with slower arm speeds, it serves as the most overstable approach disc, ensuring precise control and reliable results.

Invest in Westside’s Harp disc and discover how it can enhance your game with reliability, precision, and versatility.