Axiom Prism Proton Soft Vanish OTB









235,00 DKK

Embark on an adventure to another realm with the Prism Proton Soft Vanish! Crafted for the 2024 OTB Open, this special edition is a masterpiece designed by Green C Studio, drawing inspiration from forgotten secrets lurking at the depths of the sea. Available only in lighter weights, the Prism Proton Soft Vanish is tailored for beginners or players with lower power levels, yet it also serves as an exceptional roller for those with higher power levels. Let disc golf be your gateway to another world with the 2024 OTB Open Prism Proton Soft Vanish.



Release 15.05.2024

Journey into uncharted territories with the Prism Proton Soft Vanish! Created exclusively for the 2024 OTB Open, this limited edition masterpiece is the brainchild of Green C Studio. Inspired by enigmatic secrets hidden in the abyss, this disc golf driver encapsulates the essence of exploration and invites you to delve into a realm of wonder. The Prism Proton Soft Vanish is crafted in lighter weights, catering perfectly to both novice players and seasoned enthusiasts with lower power levels. For beginners, it offers effortless control and precision, allowing for smoother throws and improved accuracy. Meanwhile, for experienced players, it presents an opportunity for remarkable rollers with impressive distance capabilities. Regardless of your skill level in disc golf, the Prism Proton Soft Vanish promises to infuse each game with a sense of adventure and discovery. Let this special edition companion accompany you on the course, unlocking a world of possibilities and excitement with every throw!