MVP Proton Soft Glitch OTB









235,00 DKK

Ripper Studios marks his return to the OTB Open with a bang! Sure to turn heads on the Proton Soft Glitch, Ripper accurately illustrates the mind melting powers the Glitch brings to your disc golf bag or your pre-round warm up routine. The Glitch – one of the most fun discs ever created, and a great introductory disc – is no longer our best kept secret, but you can get the first release of the Proton Soft Glitch while they last!



Glitch represents a groundbreaking innovation from MVP R&D Lab, blending the worlds of disc golf and catch disc in a unique manner. This hybrid disc is crafted to offer the best of both worlds, evident in its design and characteristics. With a diameter resembling that of a putter and approval from the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), Glitch is a versatile disc suitable for both casual play and competition.

Featuring flight numbers of 1 | 7 | 0 | 0 and an unprecedented glide of 7, Glitch offers a completely new experience for disc golf enthusiasts and catch disc players alike. This disc requires just a slight flick of the wrist to deliver accurate throws, whether for a casual game on the beach or a precise approach to the green. Thanks to its Neutron Soft plastic, Glitch is also easy to grip and control during play or competition.

One of Glitch’s most impressive features is its neutral flight path, making it an ideal choice for beginners and players with lower power. This makes it the perfect first disc for players with backgrounds in the sport of Ultimate frisbee, providing a smooth transition to disc golf. Available in weights ranging from 140g-154g, Glitch is surprisingly stable and reliable despite its lightweight.

Whether you’re an experienced disc golf player or simply love throwing discs with friends, Glitch will be an indispensable part of your bag. Not only does it offer a fun and challenging playing experience, but it also opens up new and exciting possibilities on the course. There’s no doubt that Glitch deserves a spot in every disc golf enthusiast’s equipment collection.