Discmania Swirl S-line Final Cloud Breaker – Eagle McMahon









245,00 DKK

Experience the breeze of freedom with Eagle’s Farewell Cloud Breaker golf disc driver. This exclusive edition pays tribute to Eagle’s time with Discmania and his journey towards new adventures. The Cloud Breaker is the key to unlocking your ultimate potential and achieving maximum distance in your game. Designed aerodynamically, this disc allows players with more arm speed and power to execute a full anhyzer flight, both with forehand and backhand throws. Even players with less power can benefit from the impressive glide that this disc offers.




Immerse yourself in legendary moments with Eagle’s Cloud Breaker disc golf frisbee – a triumph by Discmania. This special edition carries an emotional design that affectionately illustrates Eagle’s tenure as a Discmania player and his venture towards new adventures. As the sun sets, Eagle spreads his wings for one last flight, symbolizing strength and freedom.

The Cloud Breaker is the indispensable tool to unleash your game’s full potential and achieve maximum distance. It is crafted for players with more arm speed and power who seek a full anhyzer flight, both with forehand and backhand throws. Even players with less power or those developing their skills can take advantage of the impressive glide that this disc provides.

The innovative Swirl plastic on this Cloud Breaker represents a new and improved formula. The three-color technology and modified swirling pattern result from careful adjustments based on feedback and extensive testing. Be part of this new chapter and experience how the Cloud Breaker revolutionizes your gaming experience.

Eagle not only defined a signature product culture but also inspired an entire generation of disc golf athletes. His style set new standards and brought disc golf to a broader audience than ever before.

By acquiring your own Cloud Breaker, you support Eagle’s career as a disc golf professional, and we take pride in being a significant part of his success through releases like this. Remember that the Creator series is distinguished by informative text embossed on the bottom of the disc, ensuring you always know what you’re holding, regardless of the fancy stamp on top.

Note: The Cloud Breaker is offered by weight range only (173-175 grams), and colors will be listed based on our best estimate of what is arriving. If, for some reason, we cannot fulfill the color combination you’ve ordered, our customer service team will contact you with possible substitutions available to you.